Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey Mom..

We are smack dab in the middle of morning rush. Bug is finishing breakfast, I am getting his book bag restocked and Tay is SUPPOSED to be getting dressed. It's snowing and she picks shorts.

I send her to fetch pants and I realize that Bug has left his brown shoe somewhere other than where it was supposed to be. I swear under my breath, get the Boy from his seat, clean him off, get his diaper changed, and throw his clothes on (NOT an easy task). I then set off to find his shoe before he is too late to group speech therapy.

I pass Tay in the hall and she says:

Hey Mom!

I stop and turn around: What Tay?

I was just remembering that I used to like snails.

Hectic over, giggle begins.

Tay: That's all.

The Dichotomy of Tay

Tay went to sleep last night, as a lot of 4 year olds do, clutching her toy(s).

What did she choose to keep her company you wonder?

A barbie doll and a rubber lizzard.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If you say No

Tay asked for a wooden, paint-able face-mask-stick-thing (when you see it - YOU can tell me what it is called, but until then...face-mask-stick-thing it is). It was a few dollars so I said: Why not?

Megan said she could use her paints on it when she got home. She meant LATER, as in TOMORROW. But Tay heard: WHEN YOU GET HOME.

We got home, she asked for the paints.

I said: Not right now, it's getting late and we need to get ready for bed, not paint.

She pouted, and whined, and pouted and whined and I sent her to her room.

When I released her from the prison I told her:

When I tell you do something, just do it. Do not question or argue, someday it may save your life.

She came downstairs, much calmer, and asked for a good night snack:

Mom, she said, can I have a good night snack? And if you say No I won't have one. If you say No I will just sit down. I really will.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey! That's ONE idea.

Tay knows her birthday is a mere 7 weeks away and she has been planning. She has a list of things she wants. And every new TV commercial is followed by: Can I have that for my birthday? So, Tay just came running in the room yelling;

Hey Mom! Here's another idea:
Barbie and the Mermaid would also be a good Easter present! What do ya think? Huh?


Tay: I'm serious! Good for Easter (turns and leaves the room).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little apples

If it offends anyone that I say words deemed less than appropriate for toddlers, stop reading cuz I said shit.

I was excited about finding something, can't remember what, but I said:

Oh my gosh. Glenn has been looking for this. When I bring this home he will shit little green apples.

Tay: Or red ones!