Friday, October 14, 2011

I'd do anything for you...except....

Tay, Bug and I are home and I need to take Tay to get some bloodwork (allergies) and to look at a couple of dresses for the Epilepsy Association of Utah Gala. She already ordered one but I want to make sure she really loves it.

So I ask her to at least try on the dresses.

She says: I love that black dress. Are they like that?

Me: No, they are white and ivory but you should at least try them on.

Tay: Ok, Mom. I will do anything for you.


Except when Dad is around.


When Dad is around, I won't do ANYTHING. Only when he isn't here, OK?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's all good

Daddy brought home a Kashi bar from San Fransisco and gave it to Tay. She gladly ate it and, after a little bit, Daddy asked:

So, how is it?

Tay: I am getting a little worried about the black stuff in this.

Dad: (and Mom giggling) Maybe its Rabbit poops...or rat.

Tay: Ew.

Pause. Longer pause.

Tay: It's all good. They're raisins.

Monday, August 1, 2011


'I have a way wiggly tooth!'

Yep, it's true, she does. What's the going rate for teeth these days?

Friday, July 22, 2011


It has come to our attention that my Land Cruiser sucks too much gasoline (ya, we have known that since we bought it, but we both wanted a Cruiser for such a long time we don't care...much). So we are looking at cars with better gas mileage for me to run around in.

Daddy knows I want an FJ Cruiser but they don't get much better mileage. Still, he sent me a link to one with an excellent price.

I showed Tay.

What do you think of this? Can I have it?

Tay: Only if the top comes off.

I think she wants a Convertible. I hope.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The secret to invicibilty.

Daddy and Tay have been doing almost nightly Segway rides. They go down a bike path, stop at the park, swing for a bit and then, come home,

Swing really means Daddy pushes her.

Until tonight.

She was swinging on her own.

As always, she humbly exclaimed:

Daddy! I can swing on my own! I am...invincible.

(We really are working on the humility part. But check off the swinging!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In anticipation.

Tay walks over to my bedside drawer, opens it and extracts a bandaid.

Me: What happened?

Tay: My thumb has a cut on it and I *think* it's gonna bleed soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Popcorn and a Movie

Me: Tay, you wanna watch a movie?

Tay: Sure. Let's turn out the lights. Movies are better in the dark.

Me: Ok. What movie do you want to watch?

Tay: Mmmmmm....Tangled.

Grabs some keys up.

Tay: I hate the end when he gets stabbed. He gets stabbed in the stomach...or the back.


Tay: In the kidney. He gets stabbed in the kidney. Yah, that's it. The kidney.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On a roll

Tay has been skipping lunch. She is too excited to play outside with her friends so she 'forgets'. I PAY for her lunch so we are putting a value on her 'forgetfulness' and every few days I ask about her lunch.

She lied once or twice and the punishment was swift. I think we are passed that point. She better hope we are passed that point.

So today went like...

Me: How was school? Did you have fun and learn lots?

Tay: Uh huh. I was really good.

Me: Did you eat lunch?

Tay: They weren't serving Breakfast.

Me:??? What?

Tay: I asked and he said they weren't serving Breakfast and to go to class.

Me: Giggle. I know honey, you got there an hour and half late, I assume breakfast was over. DID...YOU...HAVE...LUNCH?

Tay: Uh huh.


Me: What did you have?

Tay: Turkey. I forget the name for Turkey Roll....oh! It's Turkey Roll. Duh.

Me: Giggle. Was it good?

Tay: No.

Me: Giggle. But you ate it anyway?

Tay: Yep. We had other things too and I drank all my chocolate milk!

Me: Well, when you have something at school that you like just tell me and we will buy some for home ok?

Tay: Ok....but they haven't had anything I like.

Me: Giggle. I thought you liked the chocolate milk.

Tay: Oh yeah, lots of that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mom, put this on my blog.

Tay saw this on Facebook and she asked me to put it on her blog since it was so funny.