Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandma does it better

Papa likes Toaster Strudel. Has since they first released them for public consumption. I know this, Mom knows this, every one knows this. There is almost always some in any freezer where Dad stays. So I bought some last night and he made some this morning.

Tay woke up, gave me a hug and cuddle and Dad sat down in the chair. Tay said: Papa you have to sit by us on the couch.

She said this because 1) she loves her Papa AND 2) He had Toaster Strudel. She knows Papa is generous and I am sure was counting on sharing.

So Papa shared. And then he asked:

See, it's better than Grandma's isn't it?

Tay: No.

Don't ask if you can't handle the answer. Papa and I laughed.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What seatbelt?

We're riding in the car, the Cruiser (this is a kinda important fact) and Papa and Nana say to Taylor: Why are you touching that? I look back and she is standing in the third row leaning over the second. I think: she ain't doing that with her seatbelt ON.

Me: Tay! Why are you standing?
Tay: Huh?
Me: Put your seatbelt on.
Tay: But it's invisible.

Car erupts with laughter.

Me: Invisible huh?
Tay: Yep.
Glenn: Put the visible one. I can't tell the Officer to look at the invisble one, we will all go to jail. Can you imagine? Yes, Officer, I KNOW it LOOKS like she isn't wearing one, that's only because we got the invisible ones.

Tay put on her visible one, just for Daddy and the Policeman.