Monday, February 15, 2010

Dart Fingers

Tay wanted a Bow and Arrow for Valentines day. It was at Smith' and Daddy said No.

He got a Air Zone Cross Bow instead.

Tay's eyes lit up when she saw it and it has been on the agenda for 24 hours. The really fun part is that the arrows (Darts) fit on her fingers. Two fingers at a time that is.

So today Daddy is shooting Tay and she is picking up the darts and putting them on her fingers. When Daddy runs out of darts he takes them from her fingers and she exclaims:

Hey! I am not your bullet re-loader!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Presents of any kind are welcomed - immediately.

Glenn and I went out to pick up some Valentines presents. Tay gave us a list. Verbal of course, with detailed descriptions. We brought back dinner and she asked:

Are we gonna open our Valentines presents?

It took us ten minutes to get her to understand that we wouldn't be opening anything until tomorrow. She finally understood that it was 'after the night and the next morning' and then we can open them. Yes, we say. That is exactly it.

A few hours later I say:

I think I am going to bed.


Ya, so we can get our Valentines presents.