Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On a roll

Tay has been skipping lunch. She is too excited to play outside with her friends so she 'forgets'. I PAY for her lunch so we are putting a value on her 'forgetfulness' and every few days I ask about her lunch.

She lied once or twice and the punishment was swift. I think we are passed that point. She better hope we are passed that point.

So today went like...

Me: How was school? Did you have fun and learn lots?

Tay: Uh huh. I was really good.

Me: Did you eat lunch?

Tay: They weren't serving Breakfast.

Me:??? What?

Tay: I asked and he said they weren't serving Breakfast and to go to class.

Me: Giggle. I know honey, you got there an hour and half late, I assume breakfast was over. DID...YOU...HAVE...LUNCH?

Tay: Uh huh.


Me: What did you have?

Tay: Turkey. I forget the name for Turkey Roll....oh! It's Turkey Roll. Duh.

Me: Giggle. Was it good?

Tay: No.

Me: Giggle. But you ate it anyway?

Tay: Yep. We had other things too and I drank all my chocolate milk!

Me: Well, when you have something at school that you like just tell me and we will buy some for home ok?

Tay: Ok....but they haven't had anything I like.

Me: Giggle. I thought you liked the chocolate milk.

Tay: Oh yeah, that...buy lots of that.