Friday, July 22, 2011


It has come to our attention that my Land Cruiser sucks too much gasoline (ya, we have known that since we bought it, but we both wanted a Cruiser for such a long time we don't care...much). So we are looking at cars with better gas mileage for me to run around in.

Daddy knows I want an FJ Cruiser but they don't get much better mileage. Still, he sent me a link to one with an excellent price.

I showed Tay.

What do you think of this? Can I have it?

Tay: Only if the top comes off.

I think she wants a Convertible. I hope.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The secret to invicibilty.

Daddy and Tay have been doing almost nightly Segway rides. They go down a bike path, stop at the park, swing for a bit and then, come home,

Swing really means Daddy pushes her.

Until tonight.

She was swinging on her own.

As always, she humbly exclaimed:

Daddy! I can swing on my own! I am...invincible.

(We really are working on the humility part. But check off the swinging!)