Friday, December 25, 2015

Leave Gamers Alone!

I learned that many people are mocking and making fun of some of the Youtubers I watch. Thats SOOOO NOT COOL! This may seem like a stupid Blog post trying to get peoples attention and go " Hey you there! Look at this I'm gonna openly mock the people that mock OTHER people! So Look! " 
        Yeah, not happening. But I want people to be aware of the crude people out there using popular people just to get the popularity and clicks!
                 Moving on...
        I have learned that many people want to make fun of other people to make sure they get all the attention they want. Go rescue puppies and not sit at your computer for hours going " Hey this dudes Dumb, I'll write a article making fun of him so I get views and not  him! " That makes YOU dumber (if your the one writing it). I just don't want people to lose money while Comments debate who's better. 
         you hate someone and want to get views and clicks?
                   Go sprint a marathon than afterwards MAKE A CHANGE!!! 
                   Oh and also walk a mile in their shoes, see how that feels to be hated on by people who wants more views when they can be off curing cancer....
                  Now please don't take this offensively I just believe people need to do something good to get attention not something mean.



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